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Cory McLachlan has been running a successful outfitting business since 2001 – 22 years experience as both a professional guide and outfitter. Cory’s dad and grandad were avid hunters who passed down their skills and traditions of the sport to Cory teaching him from age three on. He’s been hunting for 34 years and now carryies on the family tradtion with his own two sons. Hunting is as big a part of Saskatchewan life as hockey is to Canada.

Cory’s keen business sense was acquired from his educational background as an accountant. With Cory’s lifetime of knowledge and experience hunting, plus his team of expert guides and hosts, you can expect only the best.

From vast open grain fields that stretch as far as the eye can see, to countless wetlands and boreal forests, Highland Outfitters unique locations in Saskatchewan offer you a high-quality hunting experience that leaves you with a greater appreciation for the outdoors, nature, and hunting. Whether you’re with us on one of our waterfowl hunts in west central Saskatchewan, or with us on one of our big game hunts on the forest fringe in Northeast Saskatchewan, you will be in some of the most game rich areas in the world. 

cory with duck hunt
elk hunt for Cory
Cory with boys at hockey

The Highland Barn

Bonus attraction. Hunters experience a unique piece of Canadian history.


The magnificent 3,320 square foot, two story “Highland Barn” began its four-year construction in 1928. Its main purpose was a horse & hay barn, as well as a place to raise chickens & pigs. All the fir & cedar wood for the build was hauled in by train from British Columbia & unloaded by the wealthy Mr. Smith & his locally hired hands down at the same train tracks you can currently see half a mile east of the lodge. Materials were then re-loaded onto a horse drawn wagon & brought to the barn site here in the yard where they were unloaded by hand yet again. The concrete foundation is original as is the rest of the barn – only the shingles & a few floorboards have been replaced. Feel free to tour the loft & stables in the barn.

The barn has been brought into present day use as a wedding venue starting with Cory’s brother’s ceremony in 2018. A new “Barn Bar” was born from one of the original chop feed rooms simply by removing some boards. Enjoy a bevy at the bar. Take some pictures.  Experience Canadian history and prairie life first hand. 

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