Deer Hunting

The Hunt

Our whitetail deer hunts are done over bait to ensure plenty of deer activity near your stand location. We start our intensive baiting program several weeks prior to the season to ensure that the deer are accustomed to frequenting our bait sites. Each site is maintained regularly throughout the season to hold the deer in the areas we want them and to ensure you are hunting an active bait location. We also utilize trail cameras to help keep track of the big boys.

Our stands consist of:
– Quality ground blinds that are roomy, portable and have good viewing.
– Padded chairs
– A toasty heater

These are the added extras that make your days in the forest enjoyable while sitting in your blind.

No matter what your age or physical ability, Highland offers you a hunt that can be done by all hunters. If you can get on and off an ATV, sit quietly on stand for the day, and walk to the truck from the lodge, this is a big game hunt you can do because we take care of all the other details.

The Deer

Prior to your hunt we do everything in our power to increase your odds of taking a trophy buck like our 172+7/8 shown here harvested with us in the fall of 2021.

During the week most hunters will have numerous opportunities to harvest a 125” – 150” buck. Our goal is to have you take a mature buck with heavy horns, many of which will score well beyond this. These deer may have any number of points but the real giveaway is usually a big body and heavy horns. The younger deer may have nice 5 X 5 or bigger racks and would make a fine trophy most anywhere but these are the real giants of the future which we want to leave so they can reach their potential.

To help encourage harvesting only mature deer, we offer a $500.00 credit towards your hunt next year should you choose not to fill your tag.

Our Area

Our outfitting area in Saskatchewan, Canada is comprised of over 50,000 acres of farmland and forest giving us the best of both worlds.

There are only a handful of outfitters in Saskatchewan that have allocated hunting area where there is farmland making this area a real gem, and we’re one of them. Most are only allowed to hunt in the zones that are total forest which of course limits the quality and numbers of deer in their area. To reach their full potential bucks need the nutrients found in the grain and alfalfa grown in the fields neighboring the forest. Also, having the good feed available in the farmland is very important when there is a tough winter.

The deer we will be hunting will typically frequent the farmland, mostly at night to secure their nutritional needs then head back to the safety of the forest for the daylight hours. We are fortunate enough to be able to hunt the farmland, the forest, and the fringe where the two meet, giving our clients the best possible opportunity at bagging the buck of their dreams.

Our Service

Many past clients have complimented us on how well organized our operation is, which is something we try very hard to maintain. We take pride in how we treat our clients and strive to provide them with the personal service and attention required to have a memorable and fulfilling hunt. With courteous local guides you can be confident they’ll get you into the best stand locations around. We go the extra mile and spare no effort to meet each clients’ needs during their hunt. Rest assured that all our resources are committed to your trip to ensure your expectations of a fully guided hunt in Saskatchewan are met or exceeded. We also use top quality equipment including reliable vehicles and safe well built stands. If you have a specific request or preference, we’ll do whatever we can to fulfill it. Our service is what sets us apart from the rest. We run a small camp (18 clients/year) and as such are able to maintain the personal touch that makes your hunt memorable

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