Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunting Outfitters, Whitetail Deer & Black Bear Hunts in Canada!!!

The Hunt

Highland outfitters lodge is located on high ground with an elevation of approximately 2000 feet, right in the midst of the snow goose flight path.  Our lodge is unique in that it is located within a mile of four traditional snow goose roosts, and we are right in between them all.  We have great snow goose hunting every spring in the fields right around the lodge from our giant permaspread which attracts any birds staying locally and especially the migrators traveling through on a day to day basis.  Our vantage point allows a view for miles in every direction on private Highland property and the opportunity to shoot geese comfortably from a full sitting position in a custom built A-frame blind.  With long days this time of year, this allows you to spend many more hours hunting without being sore and cold from laying on the ground.

Our spread is comprised of full bodies and often windsock style decoys that can total into the thousands.  We use a custom made E-caller with multiple speakers as well as flyers to add realism and give you the best chance at luring in the geese as they head to their nesting grounds in the arctic.  We manage the spread and associated moving parts on a day to day basis to be optimized for wind changes.  This allows you to relax on your holiday and hunt as many hours or times a day as you wish, while the bird traffic is at its peak.  Many guests prefer this rather than 230am mornings setting up then tearing down huge decoy spreads daily.  Our spread is within walking distance or a short atv ride from the lodge.  This allows you to come and go from the spread throughout the day as you wish, maximizing your time in the blind when the migration is at it’s peak while giving you the ability to watch TV in the comfort of the lodge, grab a bite to eat, or catch a nap when the action permits.  The spring migration is so intense here at times that you can often even pass shoot geese right from the deck at the lodge.  It is common for geese to migrate all day or to start and stop several times throughout the day, as such you can pack a lot of goose hunting time into a couple days here in the spring.

The spring snow goose migration has increased noticeably in the last few years.  This has resulted in some superb spring hunting that has become a very appealing option for our waterfowl hunters.  The geese migrating through this time of year have often been in the air for several hours burning energy and are anxious to hit the ground and refuel for the next leg of the journey.  Also the feed available in the spring is of much poorer quality than the fall so when the migrating birds see others in a field ahead, it’s a good indication to them that they have found some much needed quality food.


Rates & Service

Prices are daily per person, two day minimum booking.  Check out time is 12pm noon, check in time is anytime after 3pm.  Maximum group size is six hunters.


Daily Rate
$200USD $250USD $400USD
Full day use of pre-set decoy spread Included Included Included
Lodge accommodations Not-Included Included Included
Bird cleaning/freezing facility to use Not-Included Included Included
Bird processing provided Not-Included Not-Included Included
Meals provided at lodge Not-Included Not-Included Included
Internet access, gun cleaning station, fridges, etc. Not-Included Included Included

Not Included with any above packages:

  • Hunting license
  • Ammunition
  • 5% GST
  • $3/night PST on accommodations
  • Firearms Permit (non-residents only)
  • Travel to camp

Terms & Conditions of Booking

A 50% deposit is required to hold your spot.  No Spot is secure without a deposit.  Balance of the hunt  price is due immediately upon arrival at camp.  We require our clients to sign a hunt contract detailing the terms under which the hunt is being offered.  There are no refunds if the client arrives late or leaves early for any reason or doesn’t make it here for the hunt.  We respect the rules and regulations of hunting in Saskatchewan and require our clients to do the same.

While some may be happy to take your hard earned money no matter the conditions, we are only interested in providing a quality experience with a reasonable chance of success.  Given the many ever changing weather related variables that impact the spring migration, we will be contacting you within 72 hours of your trip should it appear that the migration won’t yet be started here or alternatively could be ending soon.  We reserve the right to cancel a booking in these situations and will refund your deposit or apply it to a future date at your discretion.

About Us

Cory McLachlan – Owner & Guide, Highland Outfitters

I (Cory) was born and raised in the central flyway and big game bounty of Saskatchewan. My dad and Granddad were both avid hunters. They passed down their love of hunting, their knowledge of the sport and their expertise of the land to me in my outfitting zones. My family started teaching me about harvesting from nature at the age of three. I have hunted mule deer, white tailed deer, elk, moose, antelope, waterfowl, and upland birds. I hold a 2008 world record for a 35 lb rainbow trout I caught here in my home guiding area 20 minutes from our farm. My first big game milestone was at the age of 16 on October 9, 1993 – a muzzle loader mule deer that was officially scored as a 176. I hold a professional designation in accounting however have focused exclusively on the outfitting business for the past 12+ years. While I enjoy being outdoors, hunting, and having fun, I have also acquired the education, skills and discipline necessary to organize, run and maintain a successful business long term.  Having two boys, Rylan and Reed who are now both of hunting age and showing an interest in hunting and the family outfitting business is nice to see and adds a whole new element to the outdoor passion we have developed.  You will find I am a straight shooter and that there are no surprises hunting with me at Highland Outfitters.


Highland Outfitters unique locations offer you high quality hunting experiences. As one of our clients said, “Good Hunts with Great Guides, Cory is a straight shooter.” Nice Lodge, Good Food, No Surprises.