Fall Waterfowl Hunting

Duck Hunts

Duck hunting usually involves an evening field shoot over decoys for big Northern Mallards with the help of spinning wing decoys. Mallards and Pintails are also commonly taken over the goose decoys during the morning goose hunt as they come out to feed.

Many of our hunters leave Saskatchewan with memories of a “duck tornado” like they have never imagined. We very seldom hunt ducks over water as this is their safe haven which is imperative to keeping them in our hunting area. However hunting small potholes on years with plentiful water can be very productive as well.

Goose Hunts

The most important component of a good waterfowl hunt is spotting, which is why our intensive spotting program is the backbone of our success. We spend many hours spotting each day and log thousands of miles every week to ensure that you are hunting the best possible fields in the days to come. While you are in the field hunting with your guide, the other guides are on the road spotting for your next hunt.

We don’t quit spotting early just because we already have a field lined up for your next hunt. We spot until the birds go back to the water so we can pattern the birds where you’ll be hunting in future days. Once the spotting is done and the best shoot has been found, your guides rely on their vast waterfowl hunting experiences to devise the best method (decoy numbers, decoy patterns, hunter placement, etc.) to pursue the birds. When combined with a collection of thousands of top quality goose and duck decoys for different situations, and an unbelievable waterfowl population, you have what it takes to experience the best that waterfowl hunting has to offer.

Goose hunting is done in harvested grain fields where we observed geese feeding in previous days. Geese that are abundant in our area are:

  • Greater and lesser Canadas
  • White fronts (Speckle bellies)
  • Snows
  • Blues
  • and Ross geese

This offers our clients some real variety and the chance to pursue what they prefer.

Dark geese are usually hunted using full-body decoys from layout blinds for cover. This provides good up-close viewing and shooting access as well as safety for the hunters.

White geese are usually hunted using 500 to 1000 windsock type decoys as well as full bodies with the help of an electronic call. We hunt wearing white suits amongst the decoys laying on inclined backrests, from layout blinds, or from a sitting position in our custom-built A-frame blind with flip down front for easy shooting.

We usually shoot a lot of dark geese and ducks in the white decoys as well as they are accustomed to feeding together. Under the right conditions, pass shooting can also be very productive.

Sandhill Crane Hunts

If you like a big target, Sandhill Cranes are numerous in our area of Saskatchewan and offer some exciting shooting over decoys or pass shooting in the evening. We are located in one of the premier staging areas for Sandhill Cranes in all of North America, not just Canada.

If you have never hunted Cranes before you owe it to yourself to experience it firsthand. Known locally as Pterodactyls, Storks, Turkeys, Gooney Birds, & Buzzards, many clients consider shooting low flying Cranes, one of the highlights of their trip.

With very liberal bag limits and an abundance of ducks, geese, and cranes, waterfowl hunting opportunities in our area of Saskatchewan are outstanding.

Sharp-Tailed Grouse and Hungarian Partridge also call our area home. You can burn some calories chasing these heart stopping birds in the hedgerows and along the edge of the grain fields and pastures.

Our Area

Our outfitting area in West Central Saskatchewan consists of four wildlife management zones and lies amidst the Central Flyway in the heart of goose country. The area consists of over 10,000 square miles of lakes, river valleys, marshes, potholes, and grainfields providing excellent habitat for waterfowl.

Some of the major staging grounds in our area include:

  • The South Saskatchewan River
  • Lake Diefenbaker
  • A few Ducks Unlimited projects
  • Several other smaller yet often overlooked water bodies

We are fortunate to have long standing relationships with many of the landowners in our area which in turn provides access to the prime areas for our clients to hunt. The areas we hunt provide excellent hunting opportunities due to very limited hunting pressure and an over abundance of waterfowl and upland birds.

Our Service – Gun Rentals

For your convenience, we offer a shotgun rental service. A fleet of Winchester SX4 semi-autos is available for rental for $50USD/day/gun.

Eliminate the hassle of traveling with a gun and save yourself the extra baggage fees.

You can purchase unlimited 3” ammo from us for only $50USD/day. No need to travel with shells or pre-order.

Many past clients have complimented us on how well organized our operation is, which is something we try very hard to maintain. We take pride in how we treat our clients and strive to provide them with the personal service and attention required to have a memorable and fulfilling hunt.

With friendly local guides who know the landowners and the area, you can be confident they’ll get you into the best shoots available. We go the extra mile and spare no effort to meet each client’s needs during their hunt. Rest assured that all our resources are committed to your trip to ensure your expectations of a fully guided hunt in Saskatchewan are met or exceeded.

We use top quality equipment including reliable vehicles and newer decoys. If you have a specific request or preference, we’ll do whatever we can to fulfill it. Our service is what sets us apart from the rest.


Group Size and Spotting Program

One group of six hunters is the most we accommodate at one time. This ensures that your group is always hunting in the best available field.

For seven years we took two groups of six at a time and had a lot of success doing it with many clients returning year after year to hunt with Highland Outfitters, several have now been coming for 10+ years. With our current camp format of only accommodating one group, we have not only maintained but increased the size of the spotting team we utilized when we hosted two groups at once. This means that your single group will enjoy the services of four guides with one in the field accompanying them during their hunt, and the other three spotting for their future hunts.

We are not aware of any other camp in Saskatchewan that offers a spotting program comparable to this one for any price. By having more spotters on the road covering more ground, we have more options for which fields we hunt, allowing us to be more selective with where we hunt each day based on wind forecasts, bird behavior, concealment options, etc.. The end result is that you are always in the best possible field each day, thus increasing the odds of having more top quality hunts during your precious time here with us.

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