Fall Waterfowl Hunting

Camp Policies


We are commonly asked what is an appropriate amount to tip the guides and lodge staff? My usual response is that it depends on how much effort you feel they put in to making your trip enjoyable. Some tip more and some tip less but most clients tip about 15% – 20% of the hunt price. We have an understanding amongst the guides and staff that tips are split between the team members. This eliminates competition between the guides and as a result they work better as a team, thus further contributing to the quality of your hunt. Also when you spend all your time with your guide in the field it is easy to forget how much effort is put in by the spotters behind the scenes, or the lodge staff cleaning the lodge or prepping for your next meal. This policy ensures that everyone is compensated fairly and keeps everybody working together to make your trip here the best it can be.


While you are welcome to bring a well trained retriever to camp there are a few guidelines we need to enforce:

  • If you are hunting with guys other than those you came with, you must first approve using your dog with the other group members before taking the dog into the field.

  • If your dog is disrupting the hunt or causing birds to flare you will have to take him back to the truck unless the other group members all agree to him staying in the field.

  • Dogs will stay in their crate in the garage below the lodge. Dogs need to be supervised by their owner when out in the yard.


  • For purposes of possession limits, the bird cleaners will allocate the days birds evenly amongst the people in your hunting party. Given the nature of shooting we encounter, it is often difficult to keep everyone’s birds separate in the field and as such this is the fairest way of keeping track.

  • Our camp is set up to accommodate one group of six hunters which is what we try to do whenever possible. If you book your hunt with less than six in your hunting party, you will likely be paired up with another partial group. Therefore we have to try and accommodate everyone’s hunting preferences. If you come here wanting to hunt ducks every evening and the other group hunting with you want to hunt Cranes or upland birds one day instead, you need to be prepared to do that. We will not hunt in two separate groups as our guides and spotting reasources won’t allow for it.

  • This is a fully guided hunt. This means that we are in large part responsible for your actions while staying with us. As such, all hunting will be done with your guide unless the guide leaves you in the field once you’re set up to go spotting. You will not be permitted to strike off on your own hunting (even right from camp). The biggest reason is that we work very hard to maintain our landowner relations. If you were unknowingly to end up on someone’s land without permission this could have a negative impact on our reputation within the local farming community. Given that the success of our hunts is dependent on our good name with the farmers, this is not something that we can risk happening.

  • Airport pick-ups are done between 12:30PM and 2:30PM. If your flight won’t be here by then you have three options. Fly in a day early and get a hotel, rent a vehicle and drive to camp, or call us and we will send another vehicle to pick you up (subject to staff availability and a $200.00 US service charge).

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