Saskatchewan Waterfowl Hunting Outfitters, Whitetail Deer & Black Bear Hunts in Canada!!!

Having been in the outfitting business since 2001, you can expect a full effort from your hosts at Highland Outfitters.  Our courteous experienced guides help make the trip that you have been dreaming of a reality. We offer some of the finest waterfowl, white tail deer and black bear hunting in the world. Good hunting along with a comfortable full service lodge including Wi-Fi, satellite TV, home cooked meals, free Saskatoon airport pick-ups and drop offs all included will make your hunting trip with us a fun trip full of memories for years to come.

Whether you’re with us on one of our waterfowl hunts in west central Saskatchewan, or with us on one of our big game hunts on the forest fringe in North East Saskatchewan, you will be in some of the most game rich areas in the world.  From vast open grain fields that stretch as far as the eye can see, to countless wetlands and boreal forests, Highland Outfitters unique locations in Saskatchewan offer you a high quality hunting experience that leaves you with a greater appreciation for the outdoors, nature, and hunting.  Saskatchewan, Canada truly is “The land of living skies”!


The most important component of a good waterfowl hunt is spotting, which is why our intensive spotting program is the backbone of our success. We spend many hours spotting each day and log thousands of miles every week to ensure that you are hunting the best possible fields in the days to come. While you are in the field hunting with your guide, the other guides are on the road spotting for your next hunt. Highland Outfitters works hard to ensure you have the best hunting experience!



Our whitetail deer hunts are done over bait to ensure plenty of deer activity near your stand location. We start our intensive baiting program several weeks prior to the season to ensure that the deer are accustomed to frequenting our bait sites. Each site is maintained regularly throughout the season to hold the deer in the areas we want them and to ensure you are hunting an active bait location. We also utilize trail cameras to help keep track of the big boys.



Here you are, sitting quietly in your tree stand enjoying the panoramic view of nature over your bait site peering into Saskatchewan’s famed northern forest land. While watching the playful martins scamper about, your heart starts pounding when all of a sudden a big bruin lumbers into your line of fire looking for a snack after a sleepy hibernation. Join us this spring for a full service black bear hunt from a beautiful lodge on Saskatchewan’s famed forest fringe.



Highland Outfitters unique locations offer you high quality hunting experiences. As one of our clients said, “Good Hunts with Great Guides, Cory is a straight shooter.” Nice Lodge, Good Food, No Surprises.