Bear Hunting

The Hunt

Here you are, sitting quietly in your tree stand enjoying the panoramic view of nature over your bait site peering into Saskatchewan’s famed northern forest land. While watching the playful squirrel scamper about, your heart starts pounding when all of a sudden a big bruin lumbers into your line of fire looking for a snack after a sleepy hibernation.

Join us this spring for a full-service black bear hunt from a beautiful lodge on Saskatchewan’s famed forest fringe. Most of our stands are elevated platforms making for a very comfortable day on stand. Our stands provide shelter from the elements and offer an elevated view of the bait location maximizing your line of sight by eliminating the forest undergrowth out of your line of fire. We also utilize enclosed ground blinds as well as climbing tree stands if the situation dictates.

The Bears

Prior to your hunt we’ll do everything in our power to increase your odds of taking a trophy black bear by regularly maintaining the baits therefore ensuring the stands are properly placed. During the course of your weeklong trip with us you will have the opportunity to watch various bears come and go from your bait site.

An added bonus of hunting in our location is that you may even get a shot at one of the highly coveted color phase bears as they are known to frequent our area. While not for the faint of heart, a Northeast Saskatchewan bear hunt with Highland Outfitters is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Our Area

Our outfitting area in Saskatchewan, Canada is comprised of over 50,000 acres of farmland and forest giving us the best of both worlds. There are only a handful of outfitters in Saskatchewan that have allocated hunting areas where there is farmland making this area a real gem. Most are only allowed to hunt in the zones that are total forest which of course limits the quality and numbers of bears in their area. We are fortunate enough to be able to hunt the farmland, the forest, and the fringe where the two meet, giving our clients the best possible opportunity at bagging the bruin of their dreams.

Our Service

Many past clients have complimented us on how well organized our operation is and we work hard at maintaining this. We use quality equipment including reliable vehicles and safe, well-built stands.

Our service is what sets us apart from the rest. We run an exclusive camp with a maximum of 4 hunters per week ensuring you are given a personalized experience that makes your hunt memorable. We take pride in how we treat our hunters and provide the personal service and attention required to have a memorable and fulfilling hunt. For example, if you have a personal preference or specific request, we’ll do whatever we can to fulfill it.

Our courteous local guides will safely get you into the best stand locations around. Our resources are committed to the hunting experience we provide to ensure your expectations of a fully guided hunt in Saskatchewan are met or exceeded.

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