• We have Winchester Super X4 semiauto shot guns with three different chokes for waterfowl gun rentals. Reliable & easy to use.
  • Renting a gun from us simplifies your stop at customs plus saves you money on extra baggage fees when flying. To rent a gun from us, complete the Highland “Ammo & Shot Gun Order” form
  • Email the Ammo & Shot Gun Order form to us at: highlandoutfitters@gmail.com
  • We will email you a Non-Resident Firearms Borrowing License that includes the required outfitter info and signature completed for you.
  • Add your info to the borrowing license along with your credit card information and email it to the RCMP as soon as you have your flight booked at least 4 – 8 weeks before your hunt date. Borrowing licenses cost approx. $30 CDN

Our bird camp is one hour southwest of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in the heart of the migratory flyway near the South Saskatchewan River and Lake Diefenbaker. Our deer and bear camp is three hours northeast of Saskatoon where the forest fringe begins and the prairie ends.

  • Simply download, print, and complete the Arrival/Departure Form and email it back to us & we’ll make all the arrangements for you.

Your hunting license serves as your export permit when taking harvested birds with you across the border into U.S.A. A wing must be attached to the bird to show what species it is. 3-day limit applies.


  • Your guides will skin your animal and cape out the head.
  • The hide is rolled, frozen and placed in a Rubbermaid tub, along with antlers if a deer. The lid is zip tied in place and your name and address is labeled on top. Your animal is then ready to go on the plane with you.
  • Your license acts as your export permit when your animal accompanies you in transit to the U.S.A.