Fall Waterfowl Hunting

The vast diversity of waterfowl that our area offers includes dark and white geese, 12 species of ducks, and giant, prehistoric-looking Sandhill cranes that are a cool and unique crowd pleaser. Only having a max of 6 hunters at camp provides you with exclusive opportunities in your hunt – no sharing fields, spotters or guides with other groups or sister camps. At Highland Outfitters, we work hard for you. You are number one!

Spring Snow Goose Hunting

The spring snow goose migration has increased noticeably in the last few years. This has resulted in some superb spring hunting that has become a very appealing option for our waterfowl hunters.

Our lodge is uniquely located within a mile of four traditional snow goose roosts, and we are right in between them all. We have great snow goose hunting every spring in the fields right around the lodge from our giant permaspread which attracts any birds staying locally and especially the migrators traveling through on a day-to-day basis.